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Steam Makes Acclaimed 9/10 Rated ‘Endless’ Game Free to Download and Keep

Steam Makes Acclaimed 9/10 Rated ‘Endless’ Game Free to Download and Keep

The ⁢record-breaking ⁣Endless ⁤game ‌is​ now free to​ download and​ keep on the ‍gaming streaming⁢ platform Steam. Before the⁣ chance to snag the game for free, ⁢it had‌ already⁤ received accolades around the world after the publication⁢ of⁤ reviews scored ⁤it a 9/10.

First released ⁤in 2016,‌ Endless is a⁤ space ⁢exploration and empire-building​ game ⁣developed by Amplitude Studios. It focuses mostly on turn-based,‍ real-time 4X ⁤strategy,⁣ where ⁤the player’s‌ goal ⁣is ⁣to ‌take ⁢their races⁢ to the stars and ​win‍ against their ⁣competitors.

Given its unique gameplay and critical ⁤success,‌ it’s ‍no⁢ surprise ⁢that this ‌game ‍was⁤ eventually picked up ‌by‍ Steam for their⁣ platform.​ By announcing⁤ the game a free download ⁤to keep, this provides gamers with another⁢ option ‌to‍ access⁤ this game without ⁢any cost.

Game Features

  • Explore a⁤ universe filled⁤ with⁣ unique⁤ races and stories as you expand your ‌empire into outer space.
  • Turn-based combat⁢ in‍ detailed strategic battles.
  • Choose and customize your race’s leader and their traits.

  • Research and uncover sectors of​ technology.
  • Unlock endless⁤ possibilities ⁤by⁣ advancing your​ empire.

Gamers interested‌ in downloading ‍this acclaimed game for free can come​ to Steam​ anytime. As always, ⁣Steam​ also provides players with‍ their standard customer support ⁢and community forums to ensure players ⁤have the best possible ⁢experience⁤ with​ the⁣ game.

Let’s take⁤ this chance to join the ⁤legion ⁣of players who have discovered⁢ and experienced‌ the ‍award-winning ​universe ⁤of Endless!


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