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Krafton Enters the Ranks of Top Developers with Launch of Relu Games

Krafton Enters the Ranks of Top Developers with Launch of Relu Games

Krafton, a South Korean video game publisher and developer, has made its mark on the video game industry with the launch of Relu Games. The new gaming brand combines Krafton’s experienced development team, deep player insight, and world-renowned IPs in creating world-class mobile and PC gaming experiences. This move has placed Krafton firmly among the ranks of the top video game developers in the global game industry.

The newly launched Relu Games is the product of Krafton’s experience in developing popular titles over the past ten years such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Tera, and Durango. With these IPs under its belt, Krafton is poised to bring digital transformation to the gaming industry and reach a broad audience. The company has also bolstered its lineup by bringing in a number of experienced and cutting-edge game developers to ensure that Relu Games meets its full potential.

In addition to powerful IPs and experienced development teams, Krafton puts player experience at the forefront of its developments. Leveraging user feedback and data, Krafton is able to craft an interactive and reactive gaming environment that puts the player first. The company also believes in developing well-rounded games that promote creativity, engagement, and camaraderie. This approach has allowed Krafton to make great strides in delivering world-class gaming experiences that players have come to expect and love.

The launch of Relu Games is just another step in Krafton’s mission to become one of the top video game developers in the world. The company is making waves in the gaming industry and is quickly becoming a go-to address for gamers and developers alike. With its expansive IP library, impressive development team, and passionate player-first approach, Krafton is more than ready to become one of the industry’s top players.


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