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Riot Games Removes ‘Bait Ping’ Feature After Outcry Over Abusive Behavior

Riot Games Removes ‘Bait Ping’ Feature After Outcry Over Abusive Behavior

Riot Games has announced the immediate deactivation of a feature in ⁣the‍ game ‍League of Legends called “Bait ​Ping,” following outcry over its potential to be used for abusive behavior. The feature allowed players to select ⁣a unique sound to indicate an enemy had arrived, triggering their team or ⁢opponents to rush over in an attempt to ⁢defeat them. The potential problem was that ‍this could be ⁢used to harass and ​manipulate players in the ⁣game. There were also incidents where players were targeted because of their ‍race or gender‍ and had Bait Ping used ‍against them.

In a statement posted on the official League ⁣of Legends website, Riot Games explained why ⁣the feature wasn’t suitable for their game: “Due to the potential for abuse, we have decided to remove the Bait Ping feature as quickly as possible. We want to remind players to remain respectful at all times and that abusive and harassing language ⁤is unacceptable.” They added,‌ “We are evaluating our policies and tools to ensure ​similar situations do not occur in ​the future.”

The feature ‌had been ⁤in the game since last year and had recently‌ become popular due to its potential for aggressive behavior. Riot ⁣Games‍ had looked into⁢ potential solutions, such as more punitive measures for malicious users, but ultimately⁤ decided to remove ‍the feature as‌ a whole.

Riot Games’ ‌decision ‌to remove the Bait Ping feature came amidst broader outcry about ​the ⁤potential for abuse within League of Legends. The company has been working with both players ⁣and experts in the gaming industry ⁤to further ⁤develop their policies on harassment and abuse. Riot Games has also implemented‍ a new reporting ​system that ‍allows players to more easily report abuse that they‌ experience in the game.

Riot Games’ decision to remove the⁣ Bait‍ Ping feature has been welcomed by‌ the League of Legends community, who have applauded the‍ company’s⁣ swift response to the ​issue. The‌ incident‍ also highlights the importance of taking potential issues of abuse seriously and working towards ‌creating a positive⁢ gaming environment.


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