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Understanding the Unwritten Rules of Subnautica: A Guide

Understanding the Unwritten Rules of Subnautica: A Guide

Subnautica is an immensely⁣ popular underwater exploration game⁢ that⁤ is available on PC, Xbox,‍ and Playstation 4. While the game has an easy-to-follow‌ tutorial that gives players the basics ​of the game, there are many ​“unwritten rules” of Subnautica that even experienced players may not​ fully understand. This guide will provide an ‌overview of‍ some of the key elements ​of the game that are often overlooked. By ⁤following‍ this guide, players ⁣can get the most out⁢ of the game and increase their chances of survival!

Building a Base

One of the⁢ most important unwritten rules of‍ Subnautica⁢ is that players should always prioritize building a​ base. ⁤Even if players only intend to build a ⁣small base, it still provides a plethora of amenities and ⁤items that will aid the player in their ​survival and exploration. A ⁢base provides the player with access to food and water, stores items, builds⁣ vehicles, and provides a ⁢stable environment for experimenting with and fabricating ‍items. In addition, base building ‌is one of the most fun⁣ parts of⁣ Subnautica, so it should not be ⁣overlooked.

Gathering‍ Resources

Another ‌important but often overlooked element of Subnautica is resource gathering. Resources‍ in Subnautica are incredibly diverse and can be found all across the map. Resources can range from common items ⁢like copper and ‌uranium ⁤to rare items⁢ like gold and ⁣diamond. Gathering resources is essential to surviving in ​the game since many of​ the items and equipment​ needed for survival can⁣ only be crafted with the proper resources. Players should take ​their time to explore ⁤and scavenge the map in order ‌to acquire enough⁤ resources​ to craft the items they need.

Exploration⁢ and Discovery

Finally, ‍a key unwritten rule of Subnautica is that players ⁣should always explore and discover new parts of​ the map. Exploring can be done by either swimming or using a vehicle, and it can yield valuable resources and new locations, as well as giving the player the opportunity to ⁣come⁢ across unique creatures. Exploration is essential⁢ to the game as it can ⁣give the player a better understanding of the environment, which, in turn, ⁤can be used to craft ⁢better items, find new resources, and access⁤ new areas ‌of the map. All of these activities are ⁣vital to progressing ‍in the game, so players should be sure to make exploration ⁢a priority.

By following the aforementioned⁢ unwritten rules of Subnautica, players can ensure that they​ are ‌getting the most out of the​ game. Resource gathering, base building, and exploration are all essential to surviving and progressing in the game, and any player who follows these rules will have​ the best chance of success.⁢ With this guide, players should now​ have a better ‍understanding of the Subnautica experience and be one step closer to mastering the game.


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