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Forza Motorsport Boasts Impressive File Size – GameRant

Forza Motorsport Boasts Impressive File Size – GameRant

The new Forza Motorsport series is off to a great ‌start ⁢with its latest installment on the Xbox Series X, boasting an impressive file ‍size of 43.51GB.⁢ That’s quite the size ‌for⁢ a racing ⁤game, but the developers have ‌managed to pack the⁣ game’s content into such a relatively small download.

The game offers plenty of content, with more than​ 200 cars, some of which have been showcased in the upcoming “Forza Motorsport Series”⁣ of competitive events. This includes hundreds of tracks and circuits that have been faithfully recreated in ‍stunning detail and photos for maximum⁢ realism. Add to that the ability to customize cars with a whole host of upgrades, and you can see why the game is​ receiving rave reviews from fans and‍ critics alike.

However, this file size could actually be considered impressive given the fact that ⁤more graphically⁢ intensive games like Ghost of Tsushima, Red Dead​ Redemption 2, and The Last of Us Part II typically come in at 50GB or more. That’s not to mention the massive 400GB file size of the Halo: ​Master Chief Collection.

Furthermore, the file ⁤size of Forza Motorsport ⁢isn’t incredibly ‍large for what it offers. The game ​offers a​ wide variety of ⁢succint and immersive races, complete with dynamic weather effects and tightly tuned controls​ that⁣ make it feel like a ⁣worthy entry in the‌ series.

So, whether you’re a fan of the franchise or ‍someone looking for a‍ great racing experience, Forza Motorsport ​ is worth the‍ download for Xbox Series X owners. It’s an impressive game in every sense of the word, and its⁤ relatively small file ⁣size is just⁤ icing‌ on the cake.


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