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Relive Saturday Mornings with New Overwatch Animated Short – Polygon

Relive Saturday Mornings with New Overwatch Animated Short – Polygon

Blizzard is bringing back Saturday morning cartoons with its Overwatch Anniversary event that kicked off this week. The anniversary event started out with a brand new animated short, Zero ⁣Hour, that features the popular Overwatch heroes. In Zero Hour, Ana attempts to motivate her once‍ hesitated team of heroes into a mission to stop an approaching Omnic⁢ crisis from occurring.

The⁣ short is chock full of‌ classic Saturday morning cartoon vibes mixed with the Overwatch universe and ⁣characters that fans have grown to love since the game’s initial launch. Its plot brings back the ​classic hero and villain ⁢dynamic, while updating the ​stakes with plenty⁣ of action sequences and suspenseful plot‌ devices. Plus, special ⁢guest appearances from Winston and a few other lesser-known characters makes the short a must-see‍ treat for Overwatch fans.

The new Zero Hour short is available to watch via the anniversary event⁣ page. A sneak⁣ peek of the ‌event can be seen on the official Overwatch social media sites⁢ and YouTube⁢ channel, making it easy for anyone to ⁤find the full-length version. Additionally,⁣ the anniversary event page allows an easy download of the new short so ⁢that it can be enjoyed on the go.

This is the first of many special‍ anniversary effects that have been announced for ​the event. As it progresses, there will be⁣ special weekly missions, custom ⁣anniversary-themed content, and an exclusive spray and challenges from the Archives⁢ event. ⁢

While ⁢the⁣ anniversary event is in full swing, fans of Overwatch can take ⁢a step back in time and⁤ relive the nostalgia‍ of Saturday morning cartoons with the new Zero Hour ​short. Whether they download ⁢it to watch offline ‍or stream it via ‍the anniversary event page, ⁣the Overwatch ‌team has made sure that there are plenty of ways to enjoy all the anniversary content.


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