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Unlocking ‘Starfield’: How to Enjoy Early Access With and Without Xbox Game Pass

Unlocking ‘Starfield’: How to Enjoy Early Access With and Without Xbox Game Pass

One ⁤of the best games‍ that have come out in recent years is ‘Starfield’, and there are plenty of people who want to be⁢ able to experience it as‌ soon as possible. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy ⁣as just buying the game⁤ and starting to play. To do ‌that,​ you ⁢have⁤ to unlock ‘Starfield’, and that ⁤can ⁤be done ⁤with ‍or ⁢without an ⁣Xbox Game Pass.

If you⁢ have an Xbox Game Pass, then you can access ‘Starfield’⁣ as soon as it is ‌available. ⁤All you have to do is sign up for an Xbox Game Pass account, ⁢and you will be⁣ able to download‍ the game as soon ⁣as it is released. The ‌great thing about having an Xbox Game Pass is that you ‌don’t have ‍to⁣ pay for all‌ the games upfront; instead,⁤ you will be charged a monthly ⁣subscription fee, and you will be able to ⁢play ‘Starfield’ and ‍all the‌ other games included in the package.

If you don’t have​ an Xbox​ Game Pass,⁣ then you will have to wait‌ until‍ the game is released and buy it ⁣directly from ⁢the game’s store. You ⁤can preorder the game, which will ensure ⁣that you can play as soon ⁣as ‌possible, but‍ it may take‌ a few days for the game​ to become available. ⁢You can also subscribe to‍ the game newsletter, and you will receive notifications when the game is released.

Once ‌you have unlocked ‘Starfield’, you will be able to⁣ enjoy its many features, including an expansive universe with unique ​characters, locations,⁤ and‌ storylines,​ as well as ​intense ⁣battles that will challenge you to use strategical tactics to win.

To ⁢summarise, there are two ways to unlock ‌’Starfield’ and⁢ gain early ⁢access: by⁣ using an ​Xbox Game Pass or by preordering the game. Both solutions ‌will‌ give you the chance to enjoy one of the⁣ best games​ of 2021 in no time.


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