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New Operators from Diablo 4 Arrive in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 6

New Operators from Diablo 4 Arrive in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 6

Season‌ 6 of Activision’s hit battle‌ royale shooter Call of ‌Duty: Warzone has brought some interesting new content: six new operators hailing from Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo series! Players of Warzone can ⁤now get their hands ⁤on the new operators, who have all‌ been designed to reflect the ‍classic look and feel ‌of characters ‌from Diablo 4.

There are two teams of ⁢new operators to⁣ choose from in Season 6: the Coven and the Demon Hunters. The ⁣Coven is⁣ made up of three‌ witch-like foes, while the Demon Hunters feature three characters based on classic Diablo classes. Each ​of the new operators carries a weapon that’s closely tied to their ⁤in-game class, plus a special ability to help in battle.

The Coven’s favourite ⁣weapon ‌is the Sacred Flame Grenade, which emits firey ‍explosions that can hurt enemies and buff teammates. The Demon Hunters’ special weapon is the Shadow Dagger, which causes a⁤ powerful explosion that can debuff⁣ foes. As for their special abilities, both the Coven and the Demon Hunters can⁣ conjure special spells: the Coven can use them⁢ to heal allies, ‍while the ​Demon Hunters can use them to summon powerful allies.

Having more operators to choose ⁣from in Warzone is always a welcome ‌change, especially when they come from a much-beloved franchise like the Diablo ⁤series. Fans of the Diablo games, or just battle royale shooters in general, can⁢ jump into Season ​6 and check out the new operators ‍for ⁤themselves.


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