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Quake II Remastered” Gains Top Marks at QuakeCon 2023!

Quake II Remastered” Gains Top Marks at QuakeCon 2023!

Quake II Remastered has been the talk of the town ever since its debut at QuakeCon 2023. Since then, it has gone on to be awarded top marks for its graphics, sound effects and multiplayer features. The remastered version of the classic first-person shooter was developed by id Software, the creators of the original game.

The remake boasts a variety of improvements, most notably the impressive upgrade to the game’s visuals. All textures are handcrafted to include a vibrant, realistic level of detail that is sure to give gamers a similar experience to the one players felt when they first jumped into the world of Quake twenty-five years ago. On top of the improved visuals, several new deathmatch and capture the flag maps have been added, offering up fresh experiences for new and old fans alike.

The game also has a completely remastered soundtrack composed by Egor Magidov. This soundtrack brings back the same pulsing energy that made the original soundtrack so iconic.

When it comes to multiplayer, the game comes with several game modes and a ranking system. Players can compete with others of similar skill levels, making for more balanced battles. Ranked matches also feature some of the new maps, meaning that even veterans of the original Quake II have the ability to relearn the game mechanics with added complexity.

Overall, the reworked version of Quake II is an excellent way to bring back one of the most beloved FPS games of all time. With the improved visuals, excellent audio, and numerous multiplayer options, it’s no surprise that Quake II Remastered has received top marks and rave reviews from QuakeCon 2023.


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