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T1 Faker Takes Home Esports Player of the Year Award from ONE Esports

T1 Faker Takes Home Esports Player of the Year Award from ONE Esports

On Saturday, November 7, 2020, Lee ‌Sang-hyeok (aka “Faker”) took home the Esports Player of the Year award from ONE⁢ Esports. The award was presented‌ during the 2020 ONE‍ Esports Singapore Major – ‍the ⁢biggest esports tournament in Southeast Asia.

Faker, a professional League of⁣ Legends (LoL)​ esports player from South Korea,⁢ earned the highest ⁣number of votes in⁢ the ‍final round among the top⁢ professional gamers of‍ 2020. He was recognised for his achievements in the past year as ‍the best‍ esports athlete ‌in the world, and also for his outstanding contribution‍ to ⁤the ​LoL esports community.

Faker has been recognised‌ as⁣ an esports pioneer and⁣ legend for over ​seven years now. Starting with his⁤ small role in the original⁢ LoL‍ team, the SK Telecom​ T1 team, Faker quickly rose​ to⁢ the top. His skill, commitment, ⁤and unwavering ⁤confidence helped propel the team to success. His legacy began there and has now made him ‌one of⁤ the most renowned names in the esports industry.

Throughout his‌ esports career, Faker⁢ has achieved a range of accolades that include 11 World Championships and four Mid-Season ⁤Invitationals, ⁢as well​ as ​multiple All-Star titles. ‍In addition to his skill in LoL, Faker is renowned for inspiring ‍esports⁤ players all‍ over the ⁢world through‌ his​ words, attitude, and passion for excellence. It is for this reason that ​the ONE​ Esports Player of the Year award⁣ was such a fitting accolade for Faker.

Faker expressed his gratitude for the award and for everyone’s support on Twitter⁣ after the award ceremony. ‌“I’m very⁣ honored ⁤to ‍receive such a prestigious award from ONE Esports and I’m very thankful for​ all the people that ⁢have supported me throughout the years,” he said. “I⁤ will always continue to strive⁢ to become the best player ⁣that I can be. Thank you for the endless love & support.”

Faker’s recognition as the Esports Player of the Year by ONE ‍Esports is a testament to⁣ his phenomenal abilities as an⁢ esports athlete. ‍He is a leader and mentor in ⁢the esports world, and his achievements continue to inspire and motivate others to​ strive for greatness.


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