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Ranking ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ Operators by Their January 6th Alibis: Who Has the Best Excuses?

Ranking ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ Operators by Their January 6th Alibis: Who Has the Best Excuses?

Ranking ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ Operators by Their January‍ 6th Alibis

7. Tachanka

Tachanka enters the​ list at ⁢number 7 as he cell phones in his defense, blaming his absence due to a technical issue with his dependable tripod mount.⁢ His decision to ⁣stay back and repair it, rather than risk drawing attention in the midst‌ of a critical mission, can be respected. Verdict: 6/10

6. ‍Twitch

Coming in at ⁣number 6 is Twitch⁣ as she takes matters ⁤into her own hands⁢ and⁤ states that her⁤ travel delay was intentional. She explains that her unnamed, yet trusty sidekick, recommended ​the detour after feeling ⁢a sense of⁤ “bad vibes” from the original plan. Whether or ⁤not you believe in her intuition, it definitely shows dedication to the job. Verdict: 7/10

5. Dokkaebi

Dokkaebi calls into ⁤the mission and explicates ‍her strange alibi of missing in action‍ due to‍ a misinterpretation of the orders. ​This miscommunication came from her confidence in her own mastery of the language and her overreliance on using her⁤ phone for command⁤ confirmations. Verdict: 7/10

4. Nomad

Fourth on the list​ is Nomad and her alternate approach to ​alibi-crafting.‍ She hops on⁤ a video call and gives a sincere apology for her delay, ​stating a simple‌ reason of “getting lost” in the area. She may ⁣take the classic route when it comes to excuses, but‍ her straightforwardness earns her the number 4⁢ spot. Verdict: 8/10

3. Recruit

Number 3 can be disputed, but Recruit gains her position due to⁢ her uninterrupted excuse that would make any psychologist proud. She has the team believe⁣ that her lapse in service was due to general malaise caused by the hectic energy of the mission itself. Verdict: 8/10

2. Mira

Mira takes the ⁤number 2 spot due to her elaborate yet reasonable explanation ‌for her disappearance. She details her journey of getting lost ‌and then coming across an abandoned cabin, with a stove that had been left on. Her heroic decision to stay to make sure the cabin was safe secured her the‍ runner-up spot. Verdict: 9/10

1.​ Castle

For‌ the ​number 1 spot, we have a solid diversion from the conventional alibi. Castle’s excuse is creative and masterful; he claims he was‍ being pursued by ⁢unknown forces — all while left with little to no back up. ⁣How can a team say no when ⁤you’re the last defence? Verdict: 10/10

Whether or ⁤not their excuses were legitimate, these Operators certainly have the creativity and wit to provide‍ excuses on the fly!


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