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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Delivers Long-Awaited 60FPS Mode

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Delivers Long-Awaited 60FPS Mode

Fans of the smash‌ hit video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order were ‌treated today to the addition of a much anticipated new ⁢graphics setting, 60FPS mode. After much clamoring from the Star Wars community, the game developers finally delivered the goods.

The Star Wars franchise has been ⁤a‌ fan-favorite in the gaming ​world for many years now, and‌ fans​ were ‌eagerly anticipating this release. Previously, the ⁤game was limited to a maximum of 30FPS, but with this new setting comes a much smoother, enhanced gaming experience. Those with a powerful‌ enough PC and the latest drivers from their​ graphics card manufacturer​ will ‍be able to take full advantage of‍ this game-changing update.

The addition of this new option has garnered positive⁣ reactions from the gaming community, with‌ many expressing ⁤their satisfaction with the update. From improved ⁢frame rates⁢ to a‍ more immersive experience, gamers are certainly happy with developers’ decision to include this feature. Some even⁣ report‌ that color and lighting have been enhanced in ​this new mode, making the game look ⁤even better than ⁢before.

Overall, it’s safe to say ‍that the addition of 60FPS to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was well⁤ worth the wait. Those who have⁣ been craving the improved visuals and gameplay experience are sure‌ to be pleased with this new update. With any luck, more games from‌ the Star Wars franchise ⁤will ⁤soon follow suit, ⁤bringing more of the‌ high-quality graphics ‍that fans have come to expect from this beloved franchise.


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