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How COD MW2 Brings Cats and Bubblegum Pink Together to Create Peak Realism

How COD MW2 Brings Cats and Bubblegum Pink Together to Create Peak Realism

The gaming⁣ world⁤ was completely taken by storm with ⁢a ‍game which⁣ altered‌ the landscape of first-person shooters forever ‍— CODMW2​ (Call‌ of⁤ Duty ‌Modern Warfare 2). While the‍ game ‍is remarkably tight, intense ⁢and absolutely enthralling, there’s one ⁣small⁣ detail ⁤which truly takes the realism to a ⁣whole⁤ new level — the use of cats and bubblegum pink. ⁤It’s not ⁢so⁣ much the fact⁢ they’re ‌used, but how⁢ they’re used, that ⁤creates a ⁤unparalleled ​level of​ realism.

From ⁢the⁢ very‍ beginning, it’s the⁣ cats‌ that⁤ take center​ stage when it comes to immersion. Many of⁢ the maps are‌ part‌ of ⁢urban landscapes; and⁤ there’s nothing ​that can ⁤draw you into‍ a ⁢scene ⁤like cats roaming⁤ around. Not ⁢only do they⁢ mimic⁣ the actual behavior ⁣of ⁢cats in ‌such‌ settings, ​but​ also ⁣provide ⁤a more intimate feel⁤ to the‍ playing ground. ‍It’s the ​way that they meow when you ⁢leave them ⁣alone too long‌ or⁢ rub ​against your leg as⁢ you make⁢ your ⁤way through‌ the mission that brings the game to ​life and makes​ it ‌an⁤ experience ⁣like⁤ no other.

It’s the‍ bubblegum pink,‌ however,‌ that ⁤truly makes CODMW2​ stand out from the rest. In ⁤urban scenes and combat maps, this hue ⁤can‍ be seen in various‍ signs ⁢and posters —‌ from‌ a ‍baby stroller ⁢to ⁤a ‍boutique.⁤ These ⁤kind⁢ of details make‍ the game feel ‌more like ⁢a⁤ trip to the ⁣city rather‍ than a walk through ​a desolate battlefield.‍ The‍ bubblegum⁢ pink also adds ⁤a ‍child-like‌ innocence to the game, which helps ⁤further ‌the ⁤idea⁤ that‍ danger and death really are ‌around every corner.

To create a ‌peak ​level of realism, a game needs ⁢to be more⁢ than ⁢just guns⁣ and ⁢grenade launchers. This is‍ how ‍CODMW2 stands‍ out‍ amongst⁢ the competition;‍ they‍ use cats ‍and‍ bubblegum pink ‌to​ make⁢ the ‍player feel as if they’re in an actual city — just like in ‍real life.‍ By ⁤blending ‌these ⁤two ⁤elements together,‍ CODMW2 truly captures the ⁤essence⁤ of a modern urban battlefield.⁤


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