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Roadhog Reworked in Overwatch 2 Update – All Patch Notes Detailed

Roadhog Reworked in Overwatch 2 Update – All Patch Notes Detailed

Blizzard has recently revealed the Overwatch 2 update, which includes​ a number of changes to the game’s characters, including a major‌ rework for the‍ tank hero Roadhog. ⁤The Roadhog rework gives him a new look, new abilities, and an overhauled kit. Here are all the ‍details you need to know about the Roadhog rework and the patch notes ⁢for the Overwatch 2 update.

Roadhog’s New ‌Look

Roadhog’s new look features an‍ outfit with a tank-like mechanical body,​ a leather jacket, and a large ​hook. His iconic mask is still present, though with ‍an updated design that resembles a welding mask. The⁤ reworked Roadhog will still be recognizable to fans of the original version of the character.

Reworked ⁤Abilities

The biggest change to Roadhog’s kit is the ⁣addition of a new ability ​called “Take a Breather.” This ability gives Roadhog a brief period​ of time‌ in which he heals⁤ himself and can move‌ faster than normal. During this time, no enemy attacks will be able to damage him. Roadhog’s hook ‍ability⁤ now generates a short-duration knockback on‌ enemies if they are ⁤far enough away upon activation. In ‌addition, Roadhog’s ultimate ability has been reworked to now generate a large area of effect explosion centered around Roadhog.

Additions to Roadhog’s Kit

A ⁤new ability‍ called “Chain Hook” has also been added to Roadhog’s kit. This ability allows Roadhog to latch onto and pull enemies, allowing him to close the distance and deal damage or set up other abilities. In addition, ⁣Roadhog’s “Scrap Gun” has been reworked to deal more damage and has increased range.

Other Changes in the Overwatch 2 ⁤Update

The Overwatch 2 update also includes a number of‌ other changes to various heroes in the game. These⁣ changes range from increasing the strength of some abilities to making⁢ them easier to use. In addition, ‍there are a few changes to the game’s overall balance.⁢ The full list of patch notes for the Overwatch 2 update can‍ be found on Blizzard’s website.


The Overwatch 2 update has given Roadhog a major rework and a brand new look. His reworked abilities and additions‍ to his kit make him a much more powerful tank hero. In addition to Roadhog’s rework, the update also ‌includes a number of ⁤other changes to the game. Be sure to check out the full patch notes if you want to see all‍ the ‍changes in the‍ update.


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