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Chronicles of Sony London’s Lost ‘Until Dawn’: Time Extension

Chronicles of Sony London’s Lost ‘Until Dawn’: Time Extension

Chronicles of Sony London’s Lost ‘Until Dawn’:⁤ Time Extension

Sony London’s ‘Until Dawn’ ​is⁢ a renowned horror-thriller video game that has been in the spotlight since its release five years⁤ ago. Despite its huge success in the gaming world, the game ⁣has been stuck in⁣ a limbo when it comes to any further additions to the game’s story.

The game’s plot revolves​ around saving a group of characters from supernatural beings and achieving specific tasks ⁣without letting them get killed, and gaining the trust of the gamer. It is set in⁤ a realistic environment⁤ where the player can choose the different moves ⁢the characters in the game make and making decisions that⁤ can change the outcome. The game has a​ set timeline that cannot ‌be progressed until completion.

Recently, Sony London has announced⁢ an extension for the beloved game in the‍ form of a narrative epilogue that will give the story’s conclusion ⁣more closure and satisfaction. The epilogue is called “Time Extension” and will take place on the same timeline as​ the game already ​set. It⁤ will be⁣ armed with⁣ new challenges for the gamers to experience,⁤ such as a larger ‍map⁢ with new locations, new enemies, as well as a few unseen characters to discover. Additionally, ⁢the​ “Time‍ Extension” will also add new multiplayer options and the opportunity for players to customize the characters with new costumes, weapons, and abilities.

Although‍ the game has been‌ loved by many, its genre has also been subject to criticism from some for its lack of creativity. With this epilogue installment, Sony London is clearly trying to add a sense of freshness to the game⁤ and revive the spirit of ‍the game. It ⁤has been noted that Sony London hopes to bridge the gap between gamers and game ⁤developers with this epilogue, offering the players more opportunities ⁢to explore the game, get creative, ⁣and ‌find ways to interact with the characters and game more ​deeply.

The “Time Extension” will be ⁢a free update ‍for all existing and new players, with ⁢new challenges that will bring the wild and thrilling adventure of ‘Until Dawn’ back⁤ into the spotlight.‍ Sony London has promised to keep​ innovating ⁢with their upcoming editions of the game ‌as well, showcasing their commitment to give their players the best experience possible.


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