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Insomniac Games Provides ‘Wolverine’ Update After Cyber Attack

Insomniac Games Provides ‘Wolverine’ Update After Cyber Attack

Insomniac Games has provided an update on the development of their⁣ upcoming title, Marvel’s Wolverine, after a ⁣recent cyber ⁣attack. The attack was reported by the studio earlier this week and it had caused major disruption to the development ⁢of the upcoming video⁤ game.

The studio took⁣ to Twitter to provide an update on the development, saying​ that the game’s development has been “generally unaffected” by the cyber attack. They added that the team is continuing to work on the game, and that they are “making progress on all ‌fronts”.

The studio also addressed the impact of the attack, saying that​ “we have implemented additional security protocols and we are actively working​ to fully restore security to‍ all of our systems”. ⁢They reassured fans that⁤ there has not been any ⁣data lost as⁣ a result of the breach and that the studio is working hard to minimize the disruption caused by the attack.

In a statement,⁤ Insomniac Games⁢ said that the development of Marvel’s ⁣Wolverine is ongoing ⁣and that they‍ would⁤ continue to keep fans updated on the progress of the game. ⁤They clarified that the game is still on track for‍ its scheduled release at ​the end of 2021.

This comes just months after the ⁣studio announced a major deal with Marvel Entertainment for the development of the game. The title‌ is based on the comic book ⁢character Wolverine and stars the voice of ‌actor Chris Hemsworth in the lead role.

Despite the disruption caused by the cyber attack, Insomniac Games appears to have ⁢weathered the storm and is continuing‍ work ⁢on Marvel’s Wolverine as planned. The ⁤studio has provided reassurances that the game is still on track for release at the end‍ of 2021, so fans can ​rest easy knowing that the development is still progressing and that they will⁣ soon be able to experience the game for themselves.


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