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Final Fantasy 16’s Demo a Smash Hit on PS5

Final Fantasy 16’s Demo a Smash Hit on PS5

Players recently got a chance to experience a taste of Final Fantasy 16 with the newly released demo on the Playstation 5. The demo was generally well received, both praised for its improvements on the series’ combat and criticized for its lack of unique setting or characters.

Final Fantasy 16 may be one of the most anticipated entries yet, and this first demo has resulted in several incredibly positive reviews from fans. The title features an updated combat system that has been streamlined and balanced so that players can enjoy a variety of different moves and styles. The game also gives players access to powerful summons that can be used to turn the tide of battle. The added functionality of the DualSense controller also allows players to feel more immersed in the action and experience richer combat.

Though the combat has been praised, there has been some criticism aimed at the lack of a unique setting in the demo. While the game has a few settings that have been seen in the series before, they are not enough to make the game stand out from the rest of the franchise. Additionally, the demo is lacking in interesting characters, with players only meeting two main characters in the course of the demo.

Overall, the Final Fantasy 16 demo has been a great success and promises an exciting entry into the series. The combat has been greatly improved, and there are several exciting summons and abilities that were not seen in prior titles. While the demo is lacking in unique characters and setting, the promise of the full game is enough to generate a lot of hype for the title.


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