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Massive Expansion to ‘Escape From Tarkov’ Map Revealed in 0.13.5 Patch Notes

Massive Expansion to ‘Escape From Tarkov’ Map Revealed in 0.13.5 Patch Notes

The 0.13.5 patch notes for ⁣upcoming shooter-survival⁤ game “Escape ⁢From Tarkov” have been⁤ released, teasing a massive expansion ‍to the game’s current map. One of the largest changes‍ in the ⁣patch is the expansion of the map from 25 square kilometers ⁤to​ 64.6 square kilometers. This will also⁤ open up a range of new locations, ‌such as ⁢the Karmanovskaya and ‍Shakhovka military base, the Svetlojarsk chemical plant, and the Sverdlovsk‌ region. Along with that, new objects for loot, new⁣ characters, weapons, weapon mods,‌ and features have been added.

Despite the massive addition of content, the game will run ‍in the same engine as before, making sure no ​previously established ⁣locations are rendered invalid or otherwise unplayable on the new patch. During gameplay, players ‌may now take ⁤advantage of the new locations to launch attacks, discover loot, and find ⁣cover.⁢ The⁤ patch also brings with it a new ‌weapon rarity system, new weapon mod types, and quality of life improvements such as an⁢ improved ‍map.

The patch also includes a number of optimizations, bug fixes, and other tweaks and​ improvements. Some examples of these changes include improved⁢ lighting and ‌textures for ‌all objects and surfaces in the game, improved environment sounds, ‌and a better inventory‍ interface. ‍All⁣ of ​these​ changes allow players ​to experience smoother gaming, with less⁤ visible bugs and glitches.

Overall ⁤the 0.13.5 patch for “Escape From⁤ Tarkov” is looking to be exciting for players familiar with‍ the original map, ‌as well ⁣as newcomers to the game.‌ With both content and ⁤performance improvements, the⁤ game’s ⁣development⁢ team has put in the work to⁤ make sure that the new version of the game looks and feels as good ‌as possible. It’ll be interesting to ​see what ⁤else⁣ the⁣ game’s team has planned for the future.


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