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PlayStation’s China Hero Project Reveals Third Phase at Upcoming Press Conference

PlayStation’s China Hero Project Reveals Third Phase at Upcoming Press Conference

PlayStation has revealed the⁢ third‍ phase⁤ of ‍its ‌China ⁤Hero Program ⁣at an ‍upcoming press conference.‌ China​ Hero⁤ Project is ‍an initiative between ⁣PlayStation and Tencent that ⁢works ‍to​ discover, cultivate ⁣and nurture ⁢locally ​developed⁣ works that have the ​potential ​to become breakout RPG​ hits in the ⁤Chinese‍ market.

During the‍ conference, ‌PlayStation ⁤and ⁣Tencent outlined ⁢how the​ third‌ phase ‌of the project will‍ further ‌their goal ⁤of developing​ and distributing high quality RPG titles ‌for​ the Chinese market. ​This includes the launch‌ of the Chinese Hero Academy‌ and the ⁢employment of ⁣a‍ team of experienced⁣ industry veterans to provide⁢ guidance ⁣and mentorship to successful ⁣applicants.

Furthermore, the partners revealed that ‌a ⁤dedicated China⁢ Hero‌ Development Fund⁣ has been set up, which ⁢will⁤ be ⁤used⁢ to help fund‌ the development ⁣of‍ the promising ⁢works identified by‌ the​ Academy.⁣ The‌ fund is⁢ expected ‍to exceed 5 ⁤million ‍yuan‍ ($737,837)

In⁤ addition⁣ to the‍ funding, PlayStation⁣ and Tencent ⁢also ‌announced⁤ that ⁢they have signed ⁤Memorandums of ⁤Understanding (MOUs)⁣ with several game‌ companies ⁤dedicated to the localization of successful China Hero Projects. By offering the teams ⁤financial ⁤support ⁢and global ⁤coverage, ​the partners ‍hope⁤ to help these‍ developers turn ‍their⁢ visions into ⁤reality.

“The China⁣ Hero Project⁤ is entering an⁣ exciting⁢ new⁢ stage with ‍the start⁣ of‍ its third phase,”⁢ said Qian Yu, ⁣Vice President of PlayStation’s​ International Business. ⁢“We ‍believe that the combination of​ our ​local knowledge, and Tencent’s​ Global Reach, will provide‍ an ideal platform to ‌develop and launch the next ​generation ⁣of captivating RPGs for⁣ the ‌Chinese market.”

The​ press​ conference ⁣also featured the ⁣premiere of​ the China​ Hero project trailer, showcasing the ​latest work ⁢from the successful​ applicants.


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