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Season 7 of Overwatch: Tank Hero Revealed with Hints from Sprays!

Season​ 7 of Overwatch has finally been revealed and it’s‌ as exciting as ever! There have ‍been‌ a few ​hints here⁣ and there from sprays, but now the⁢ talk is getting more serious and the season is almost upon us….

PlayStation’s China Hero Project Reveals Third Phase at Upcoming Press Conference

PlayStation has revealed the⁢ third‍ phase⁤ of ‍its ‌China ⁤Hero Program ⁣at an ‍upcoming press conference.‌ China​ Hero⁤ Project is ‍an initiative between ⁣PlayStation and Tencent that ⁢works ‍to​ discover, cultivate ⁣and nurture ⁢locally ​developed⁣ works that have the ​potential…

Impossible Odds: Hero Player Overcomes 0.0003% Chance to Win Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament

In an incredible feat of skill, a hero player has managed to defy the impossible odds and win a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament with a 0.0003% chance of winning. The player, known only as “SN”, is a master of…