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PlayStation’s China Hero Project Reveals Third Phase at Upcoming Press Conference

PlayStation has revealed the⁢ third‍ phase⁤ of ‍its ‌China ⁤Hero Program ⁣at an ‍upcoming press conference.‌ China​ Hero⁤ Project is ‍an initiative between ⁣PlayStation and Tencent that ⁢works ‍to​ discover, cultivate ⁣and nurture ⁢locally ​developed⁣ works that have the ​potential…

Explore Ancient China in Ubisoft’s Latest Assassin’s Creed: Codename Jade

Ubisoft’s latest installment of their popular Assassin’s Creed franchise takes you to the mysterious and ancient land of China. Named Codename Jade, this game is set in the country’s legendary Warring States period. Players are taken to a world that…