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Payday 3 Sales Exceed Developer’s Expectations Despite Launch Issues

Payday 3 Sales Exceed Developer’s Expectations Despite Launch Issues

Payday 3‍ was one of the most anticipated video ⁣games of 2020 but technical issues and delays marred the launch of the game. Despite these⁣ issues, the game has still exceeded developer Starbreeze’s expectations, with sales surpassing the million mark.

Launched on Steam on June 22, the game was plagued with slow‌ load-times, performance and stability issues. Many players experienced slow ‌loading times, resulting in long ⁤wait times to start the game. There were also‌ technical glitches that ⁣prevented the game‍ from launching at all.

Starbreeze‍ responded quickly to the game’s issues, announcing that‌ they had⁤ investigated and fixed ⁤a large‍ majority of the reported problems. The‌ developer also made several updates to fix underlying ⁢issues and improve performance.

Despite these technical issues, Payday 3 has ​been a success for the developer. ‌Starbreeze confirmed in​ a statement that‌ the game had ‍sold one million copies on Steam since launch. This is an impressive feat considering the numerous issues encountered‍ at launch.

The developer also announced that a console version of the game is ‍in the works, but no details have been‍ released. Players can⁤ expect to see the game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and‍ possibly ⁣even the next-gen consoles.

It seems that Payday 3 has exceeded the developer’s expectations despite its rocky launch. The game’s success on PC bodes well⁤ for the upcoming console versions, and ⁢fans of the series can look forward to‌ more heists in the future. ⁣


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