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TFT’s Lead Developer Explains How a New Designer Revived the Headliner Mechanic in Set 10

TFT’s Lead Developer Explains How a New Designer Revived the Headliner Mechanic in Set 10

Since TFT’s release in October 2019, “Lead Designer Edgar Serrano and his team have worked⁣ hard to ‌deliver new experiences to ​competitive TFT players” according to‌ Riot Games. Champion, item, and game mechanic changes can be expected in each⁣ new set. Set 10 of TFT,‌ however, introduced a new developer in the form of Dainan Gilmore and ⁣the revival of an existing game mechanic in the form of the Headliner.

The Headliner mechanic was introduced in Set 4, and it was intended to​ gamify the ‌battle pass and let players ​unlock rewards through engaging with the game. After its first ⁢release, ⁤it was removed in Set 7 due to the‍ challenge ⁣of balancing it⁢ with the⁢ game. Upon Dainan’s introduction to the TFT team, he proposed​ that the mechanic be reintroduced and revised. With the help of the team, ⁢the mechanic was⁤ able to be tweaked in⁢ a⁤ way that would find a more natural balance in the current ‌gameplay.

When asked about why he chose to reintroduce this ‍mechanic, Dainan⁤ had the following to say:

“My goal has always⁤ been ​to create a‍ unique and different experience ⁤than what ⁤most players are ⁣used to. The Headliner mechanic was my tension between creating something less convenient ‌for players, but rewarding them for engaging in the game itself. We were ​able to accomplish this⁢ in ‌Set 10 by revamping the mechanic into something more balanced ⁢and versatile for players.”

The improved⁣ mechanic works alongside the game itself to reward participating players with special ‌rewards. With this‌ new mechanic, players can complete certain criteria or challenges to ​progress their Headliner level rewards. With Set 10, the ⁢redesigned ⁤Headliner ⁢Experience ⁢is a fresh take‍ on the existing mechanic.

We ‌think this ‍mechanic marks⁢ a ⁣great point‍ for⁢ TFT’s ‌development, bringing new ways to experience the game and involving players in more active ways. And with new sets planned to come out in the future, we look ⁢forward to seeing what creative ideas Dainan brings with​ him in‌ the⁣ future.


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