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Phasmophobia to be Available on Consoles this August

Phasmophobia to be Available on Consoles this August

Phasmophobia, one of the most popular horror games of recent times, is set to arrive on consoles this August. The game will be released initially on Xbox One and PC, with other platforms to follow. Players are reported to experience an intense single-player, cooperative-multiplayer mode in the game. A cross-platform play will also be enabled between PC and console versions of the game.

Phasmophobia was created by Kinetic Games and is already experiencing a huge following in its early stages, rapidly becoming amongst the most popular horror games of the past decade. With the title being available on consoles as well as, gamers will have even more chances to experience the horror and adventure that comes along with the game.

The upcoming console version of Phasmophobia will include more features that provide a higher fidelity horror experience. Players can expect a wider selection of levels, a motion-blur feature, and graphical improvements among others. Further, it will also feature cross-platform play between Xbox and PC. Currently, the game’s lobby options will allow up to four players to play together. The developers also have plans to allow split-screen multiplayer in the near future.

If you want to jump into Phasmophobia’s spooky and intense world this summer, you can preorder the game or wait for its August release date. Preorder bonuses include a digital art book, custom pieces of in-game content, and unique themes. New players can also join the Phasmophobia community and forums to get scare tips from veterans.

Kinetic Games has also promised to regularly update the game with new levels and content, so fans can keep their spooky vibes fresh. With its arrival on the console, the title will likely to reach a wide audience, creating an even more exciting yet frightening atmosphere.


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