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Payday 3 Sales Exceed Developer’s Expectations Despite Launch Issues

Payday 3‍ was one of the most anticipated video ⁣games of 2020 but technical issues and delays marred the launch of the game. Despite these⁣ issues, the game has still exceeded developer Starbreeze’s expectations, with sales surpassing the million mark….

Payday 3 Unveils Year One Plan and DLC Content: Get Ready for a Heist!

After a long period of speculation and hype,​ Payday⁤ 3 has finally been unveiled. The year one plan includes ⁢plenty of new and ‍exciting content, such as new heists, maps, weapons, and ‍more. The ⁣game is ⁤set to ​release in…

Payday 3 Playthrough Spoilers Leaked on the Web!

Payday 3 Playthrough Spoilers Leaked on the Web! It has recently been revealed that major spoilers from the upcoming Payday 3 game have been leaked on the web. There are details about the gameplay and plot of the game that…

PAYDAY 3 Unveils New Gameplay in Latest Trailer

The latest trailer for PAYDAY 3 has finally unveiled never-before-seen gameplay video footage, giving Payday fans a tantalizing sneak peek of what’s in store for the upcoming installment of the series. The exciting new trailer shows off a range of…