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A Look Back at Our 2023 Gaming Predictions: What We Got Right

A Look Back at Our 2023 Gaming Predictions: What We Got Right

In‍ the year 2023, several trends in ​the gaming industry ⁢were forecast by experts. Half a decade later, it’s interesting to look‍ back and see what predictions came true or‍ which held up andwhich flopped. Did any of the ⁤predictions ​surprise us? ​Read on to find out!

One of the biggest gaming trends in 2023 was expected to be mobile gaming. This prediction ​was spot​ on, as mobile gaming in 2028 ‌is far more important than it was in 2023. Not only‍ have mobile gaming revenues increased ‌substantially, but‍ the types of games available have also diversified. From idle RPGs to real-time strategy games, there are now more mobile gaming options ‍than ever before.

Another trend expected to become increasingly prevalent in 2023 was virtual reality (VR).‌ This prediction also came to fruition, with reliable headsets such as the‍ Oculus Rift and HTC Vive gaining ⁢massive popularity.‍ VR gaming is an ⁣immersive experience that can take players to whole new worlds. In addition to‍ the⁤ headsets, many gaming laptops are now ⁢equipped to run VR-compatible software.

Another popular trend⁢ discussed in 2023 was esports, or⁤ competitive gaming. As with VR, esports have also gained a great ⁤deal of traction in⁢ the‍ gaming industry. With prize pools in the⁣ millions and consistently growing viewership,⁤ esports are now⁤ an indelible part of the gaming landscape. Professional teams compete in tournaments around the world and streaming services like Twitch have become go-to destinations for esports⁢ fans.

Finally, in 2023, there were predictions of a shift away​ from physical releases of video games. In 2028, this shift is completely evident,‍ as more and ⁣more people opt to purchase digital downloads instead of physical copies. This means less time spent waiting for shipments and less‌ space needed for game‍ storage. As digital distribution has taken off, digital reselling sites such⁢ as G2A have also become popular, though this trend has drawn some criticism.​

Looking back on ⁤the predictions made about⁢ the gaming industry in 2023, it’s clear that experts ⁢had⁣ a sharp eye for what was about to​ come.‍ Many predictions​ have ‍held ⁣true over⁢ the past five years,⁣ while ⁤others have gone even further than expected. As ‍the ​gaming industry‌ continues to evolve, it will be ⁣interesting to see what surprises come​ along in⁣ the ‍next five years.

What do you think will be the next big trend in gaming? Share your predictions‍ in the comments below!


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