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Overwatch 2 Players Fuming as Genji Ultimate Fall Victim to One Support’s Heals

‌ As ‌fans of the new ⁣ Overwatch 2 have been⁤ eagerly looking‍ forward ⁣to new ⁢heroes and modes, one‍ Genji ultimate has been⁢ the victim of a​ powerful support hero’s healing. Genji players have been left fuming⁢ as they…

MW3 Fans Fuming Over ‘Unusable’ Fan-Favorite Weapon

MW3 Fans Fuming Over ‘Unusable’ Fan-Favorite‌ Weapon Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ​(COD: MW3) fans have‍ expressed their frustrations over the latest patch update for the ⁤game. It now appears that ‍the gun of choice ⁢for many players –…