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Nintendo Employee’s Child Responsible For Smash Bros. 3DS Roster Leaks

Nintendo Employee’s Child Responsible For Smash Bros. 3DS Roster Leaks

A⁢ shocking discovery has ⁢been made​ in ​the world of Nintendo’s Smash Bros franchise. The​ character roster for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. 3DS may​ have been leaked by a Nintendo employee’s child.

The roster was initially shared on 4Chan, an anonymous message board, with a post claiming ⁤to be​ from ‍the child of a ​Nintendo employee. The ⁢post included a ‌picture of the character select screen‍ made​ up of a variety⁤ of ⁣characters ⁣- some ‌expected, ​and ⁣some not featured in previous games.

The poster also detailed information regarding the game’s bosses and how to unlock each character, and the post‍ appears to have been accurate. Fans have since⁤ scoured the internet, digging up any​ new ⁢information they can find about the unannounced title.

Since the anonymous poster released such detailed information to ⁢the public, many ⁢have voiced ⁢their suspicions⁢ and speculations as to​ how a​ Nintendo employee’s child ⁤could have full knowledge of⁣ the game. It is possible ‌that the child obtained the information ‌from the parent,⁤ though ‌this has ‌neither been confirmed nor denied.

Fans have quickly ⁣been discussing ​who they believe will make the final roster. Some characters that have been⁢ previously mentioned include fan favorites⁣ such as Ness and‍ Lucas,‌ as well as some surprises like Pac-Man, and ‌Shovel Knight. However, until the roster is officially released, anything is possible.

This incident appears to have been a wake-up ‌call to Nintendo about keeping its secrets secure and‌ ensuring employee family members do not have access to such sensitive ⁢information. Though it ⁢may seem minor, things like this can have a ‍major consequence on ⁢the success of a ‍company.

Super​ Smash Bros. 3DS ‍is scheduled for release at the end of the year and ‍fans will be eagerly awaiting any new information ⁢regarding the ​game. As ​with any new installment in the franchise, Smash Bros. 3DS is sure to bring a few surprises and a good time for all fans.


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