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Understanding How Street Fighter 6 Has Been Rebalanced For Season 2: Talk and Block

Understanding How Street Fighter 6 Has Been Rebalanced For Season 2: Talk and Block

The fighting game community is buzzing with anticipation for ​Street Fighter ‍6 as Capcom prepares to unveil the game’s ​second season of balance changes. To⁣ cut through the hype, here’s a closer look at what’s been⁢ done to rebalance ‌Street Fighter 6 and how each character can⁣ benefit from the tweaks.

Talk and⁢ Block

Capcom has identified two core aspects of Street Fighter 6’s gameplay that needed rebalancing – talk and block. Talk refers to the ability to bluff a move and then switch up when the opponent acts while block relates to the ⁣ability to​ counter an attack⁢ when ⁤in a blocking stance. With this in mind, Capcom made ‍changes to reduce the risk-reward​ balance of certain moves ‌and increase the effectiveness of others.

Changes to Talk

To reduce the⁤ risk-reward ratio of talk,⁣ Capcom made changes to how Street Fighter 6 approaches frame data. Dash canceled moves⁢ now require more frames on ‌startup. Additionally, some characters have⁣ been given increased aerial mobility, allowing them to react to opponents quicker. Finally, ‍to reduce⁣ the risk of throwing out a attack ‌and being punished for it, certain‌ characters have been given faster recovery times on their move’s.

Changes​ to Block

The changes to how Street Fighter ‌6 approaches blocking have been more subtle. Street Fighter 6 now⁢ provides‍ better protection against cross-up attempts, which ​occur when an opponent attempts to avoid your⁣ block​ and hit you from behind. Additionally, certain characters‌ have⁤ had their throws increased, ‌allowing them to escape dangerous situations when ⁣blocking. Finally, ⁤certain characters have had their guard meter increased to provide more opportunities to parry an opponent’s attack.


Capcom’s adjustments to Street Fighter 6’s talk ‌and block mechanics are sure ⁣to create⁣ a ⁢more engaging and rewarding experience for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran ‌or a newcomer ‌to⁤ the game, Street Fighter 6 now provides a much more ⁤balanced experience and gives every character the ⁤opportunity⁢ to compete at their highest level.


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