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Inferno: A Deep Dive Into The Shell Part I – Noisy Pixel Review

Inferno: A Deep Dive Into The Shell Part I – Noisy Pixel Review

It is fairly safe to say that Inferno, ‍the ​latest offering from 3rd Eye Studios, is one of the more⁣ ambitious and powerful first-person shooters (FPS) available right now. It’s a game of a different sort; an ambitious⁢ stark tale of a post-apocalyptic future⁤ that makes ⁢reuniting with​ nature an absolute necessity. The plot of the game itself is filled⁤ with moral-driven objectives, complex characters, and⁢ a host of options to make each playthrough a ​unique experience to the player.

Right from the onset, players are thrust into what⁢ can best ⁢be described as a hellhole. But thankfully, ​this hellhole is ‍the site of a major technological achievement called The Shell. The Shell, in a sense, is a living⁢ city – a city that encompasses the remnants of our world in a new form, divided into ‌various ‌districts and floors. This is where the bulk of the game takes place, leading players on an unforgettable ⁤journey through the dark depths of the city.

The Shell is a plutocracy; in other words, it is ruled by a ⁣small group ⁢of powerful people called the directors. Each director represents‍ a different corner of ​the city, and are heavily guarded by their own elite forces. This powerful group of people control‌ the lives of the general citizens, and have their⁤ own ‌set of rules and regulations. As you ⁢progress through the game, you will begin to learn ⁢of​ the secrets and horrors that ​lay hidden underneath ⁤the surface.

Mechanically, the game is far from being perfect, yet that doesn’t ⁢stop it ​from being a blast to play. Combat is‍ intense, challenging and occasionally even overwhelming. With creative enemy design, as well as a ⁣large roster ⁢of weapons and abilities, Inferno ensures that players can customize their loadout​ based on​ their playstyle. Noctis ‌vision,⁣ a set of special ​abilities and power-ups, also adds another layer of gameplay to the mix.

The levels of Inferno are filled with an⁣ array of ⁣narratives, as well ​as intricate level ⁤design that encourages exploration and experimentation. There are also various side-objectives that can be completed, granting⁢ players ⁤access ‍to special rewards. Additionally, ​there are a variety of collectible‍ items⁤ scattered throughout the game, challenging players to scavenge ‍around for secrets and useful items. All these features add to the overall arcade-like feel of the ‌game.

In the end, Inferno is an enjoyable FPS that offers a unique blend of horror and action, with‍ a number of powerful mechanics at its core. Delivering some⁣ truly well-designed levels, as well ‍as a compelling story with plenty of narrative ‍depth, it’s easy to ​see why⁤ it’s a must-play for FPS ⁣fans. ⁢All-in-all, Inferno: The Shell​ – Part I provides an enjoyable and‍ unforgettable experience that shouldn’t be missed.


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