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Rockstar Games Co-Founder’s Studio Reveals New Projects

Rockstar Games Co-Founder’s Studio Reveals New Projects

It’s⁣ been a huge week for Rockstar ⁢Games Co-Founder Dan Houser’s studio, which just announced three upcoming ⁤projects at this week’s Los Angeles-based conference. Houser’s studio is the⁢ first major studio outside​ of Rockstar to come out ⁣with such an announcement, offering up some exciting new projects that ⁣are sure to⁢ create waves in the‌ gaming world.

The Three⁣ Projects

The first‍ project is an open-world ⁣action game. According to Houser, ‌the game will have a mission-based ‌structure​ with heavy emphasis on customisation and exploration. He​ also⁤ hinted ​that the game was influenced by the “unparalleled success of [their] Grand Theft Auto 5”, ⁣suggesting ‌that‌ the game could ‍be familiar in ‌many ways.

The ‍second project is a virtual​ reality ​title which is ⁣currently in development. It centres ‍around the​ idea of “exploring a rich open world​ in a first-person perspective”, ⁣and will also feature “in-depth mission-based gameplay”.​ This title will be available for both VR headsets and PC.

Finally, Houser’s studio is developing a project called “Hell”, which is a horror game that harkens back ‍to the ⁤classic survival horror games of the 1990’s. According to Houser it will feature ⁣“a⁤ fully⁤ dynamic world ​and a unique story with ⁣multiple endings”. ​This⁢ title will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation‍ 4, with an expected release sometime ⁢in 2018.

The⁤ Future of ⁣Gaming

It’s clear‍ that Houser’s studio is ⁣dedicated to pushing the boundaries of ‍gaming. With these three⁤ titles they’re bringing a vast array of gameplay experiences ​to the table, all with an emphasis‍ on customisation and exploration. Considering the success⁢ of Rockstar’s titles, and Houser’s experience in the industry, it’s ⁢safe to say that these projects will be a hit when ⁣they eventually launch.

These projects from⁣ Houser’s ‍studio are an exciting development for gamers, and should be⁣ looked forward to in the upcoming​ year.


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