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Player Uses Zelda Technology to Create Rechargeable Electric Car

Player Uses Zelda Technology to Create Rechargeable Electric Car

Recent discoveries have been made in the realm of electric rechargeable vehicles, due to one individual’s innovative use of technology from the popular series, The Legend of Zelda. A 20-year-old enthusiast from London, England, combined the classic Zelda’s technology with conventional rechargeable vehicle models in order to create something an entire new and exciting concept.

The electric car that was constructed using this technology is the size of a small four-door automobile; at first glance, the exterior of the vehicle appears quite standard, although much design ingenuity was implemented in order to create a car with all the features of a modern car driven by fuel. The engine of this car runs in a manner comparable to that of an ordinary car; however, the engine is fully electric, powered by an energy source similar to that which powers the Zelda franchise’s magical and advanced devices.

The young creator of this pioneering rechargeable electric car also constructed a battery that stores electricity when the car is idle and can be repeatedly charged with a portable power cell. When the battery reaches a maximum charge, the car will enter a power-saving mode, comparable to the sleep mode of a computer, in order to conserve the remaining electricity. Other vehicles that have been created using these technologies demonstrate an impressive range of up to 500 kilometers when the battery is fully charged.

The young man from London fully believes that this could truly revolutionize the rechargeable electric car industry. This concept could pave the way for future advancements in the field, while also taking the environment into greater consideration. Not only does this encourage innovation, it also moves onward the notion of an environmentally friendly planet.


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