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SonicFox Shows No Mercy and Converts a Mortal Kombat Troll to a Furry

SonicFox Shows No Mercy and Converts a Mortal Kombat Troll to a Furry

Esports champion Dominique “SonicFox” Mclean recently took an interesting approach to battling a troll. In a Mortal Kombat tournament, SonicFox was set to face off against a half-human, half-furry troll versed in Mortal Kombat who taunted and heckled as they prepared to face off. Rather than getting angry or wasting his time, SonicFox had a much more creative solution.

He proposed a bet: a best-of-five series for a grand prize. If SonicFox won, the troll would have to dress up as a furry – a subculture based around humanoid animal characters – for a full week. If the troll won, SonicFox would give them $50.

Unsurprisingly, SonicFox emerged victorious and the troll had to carry out the agreement. Overnight, the troll had gone from a hater to a furry fan and was suddenly seen around tournaments wearing a costume of a werewolf-like creature!

Of course, this wasn’t done out of spite; SonicFox simply wanted to make the tournament more fun and show that there was no need for trolling or bad vibes. As SonicFox pointed out, “It’s usually just young teens who do all the harassing.”

In the end, SonicFox’s troll-to-furry conversion was a success, and he conquered more than just a troll – he conquered the Internet. The act earned SonicFox plenty of respect, as people admired his creative approach to handling a troll.


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