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Sky: Children of the Light Get an Animated Series Adaptation with ‘Two Embers’ Teaser – IGN

Sky: Children of the Light Get an Animated Series Adaptation with ‘Two Embers’ Teaser – IGN

Netflix Weighs in with Sky: ⁢Children of the Light Animated Series ‍Adaptation

Netflix is once again putting its ⁢money where⁤ its mouth is with the announcement of a Sky: Children of the Light animated series adaptation.⁣ The teaser, entitled ‘Two ‌Embers’, gave​ us a brief look at the ⁤world​ of⁣ Sky, and the unique creative vision of the creators, thatgamecompany.

The team at‌ thatgamecompany – ⁣the studio behind Sky: Children ‍of the Light – have always⁢ had a ​knack for creating immersive and captivating ⁤experiences. This is seen in their previous award-winning title, Journey, and now their upcoming Sky: Children of the Light. As expected, ⁢the trailer gives us a glimpse of ⁤a world‍ filled with color and⁢ creativity

The teaser primarily shows the two main characters, and the stunning scenery which surrounds them, as we hear a narrator ask the players to “breathe in the possibility and explore this magical realm”. We have yet to see ⁣any glimpses ‌of the actual game, ⁢but from what ⁣we can tell from⁤ this brief 30-second clip, the world of Sky ⁤is going ​to be incredibly beautiful.

The⁤ ‘Two⁤ Embers’ teaser also introduces us to the⁣ new Netflix original series, which⁢ is expected to be released later this ‌year. The series will ​be based on the‌ world and characters of Sky: Children of the⁣ Light, and will be ‍produced ​by thatgamecompany in collaboration with Netflix. We don’t ‌have any other details yet, but from the ⁤teaser ⁢we can tell that this will be an exciting new addition ‍to the world of animation.

As far as the actual game⁣ itself goes, we ⁢know⁣ that Sky: Children of the Light will be⁢ a multiplayer⁢ exploring​ title, complete​ with puzzles, unique‍ characters and a vibrant world. It is⁤ expected to ⁣release on mobile and PC sometime this year,‍ and you⁣ can ​already pre-register for the game ‍on their official website.

It’s clear that this new ​Netflix original ⁣animated series, ⁣adapted from Sky: Children of the‍ Light,⁤ has a lot ‌of potential⁤ to​ be something⁣ truly​ special. With thatgamecompany, ⁢Netflix, and the beautiful art style you ⁣can expect from them, this is sure⁢ to be an experience you won’t want to ⁤miss out on.


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