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Team Shooter ‘Exoprimal’ Lacks Cross-Platform Party Chat at Launch

Team Shooter ‘Exoprimal’ Lacks Cross-Platform Party Chat at Launch

Team shooter Exoprimal, a game developed by Redstone Studios, is one of the hottest titles this year to hit the gaming market. As the release date slowly approaches, however, many gamers have started to notice a major feature missing.

At launch, Exoprimal will be missing a key feature which gamers have come to expect from a shooter game: cross-platform party chat. This means that friends playing the game together won’t be able to communicate with one another through voice chat in the game itself.

The lack of cross-platform party chat will add an extra layer of difficulty when trying to organize matches with friends. It also means gamers may need to rely on third party sources to vocalize together, be it through Skype, Discord, or other services.

The lack of cross-platform party chat at launch wasn’t made clear in any of the pre-release information about Exoprimal, which is disappointing to some fans. This is especially concerning in light of the game’s multiplayer-focused design, which makes communication between multiple players during matches a major asset.

For some gamers, the inability to communicate through voice chat in-game creates a big barrier. This could turn off some players who might have otherwise enjoyed Exoprimal. Thankfully, Redstone Studios has assured the gaming public that they are aware of the issue and are actively seeking a fix.

The lack of cross-platform party chat has left many gamers wondering if this was intentional. Redstone Studios has no concrete answer yet, but has indicated that this was a technical limitation. Hopefully the studio can deliver a fix soon, as communications systems in team shooters are such an important aspect of a pleasant gaming experience.


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