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Monster Hunter: Wilds Unveiled at The Game Awards!

Monster Hunter: Wilds Unveiled at The Game Awards!

Fans of ⁢the Monster Hunter‌ franchise were delighted to hear the news that‌ the highly ⁢anticipated new installment “Monster Hunter: Wilds” was⁤ unveiled at the⁢ 2020 Game⁤ Awards. This will mark ⁢the‍ fourth⁢ main game in‍ the Monster Hunter ‌franchise and the second‍ for Nintendo Switch.

“Monster​ Hunter: Wilds” will bring a richly detailed game world full ⁢of classic Monster Hunter action ⁢and exploration. Set⁤ in a ⁤new, mysterious and dangerous terrain, players⁤ will have ⁣to hunt down large monsters ​while exploring uncharted lands. With ⁤a renewed focus on exploration, gathering resources and crafting gear, ​players will find⁣ themselves confronted​ with a vast‌ number of choices along the way.

Not‍ only will “Monster ⁤Hunter: Wilds” feature a new story and ⁤setting but it will also ‌bring improved ‌visuals and special effects⁤ alongside an enhanced weapons system. With a wide range of weapon classes, players can experiment while trying​ to discover the best combination‍ to hunt down legendary monsters. As‌ for the creatures ​themselves, they will come​ in a variety of shapes⁤ and sizes, making ​every hunt both exciting and challenging.

The developers had previously announced their intention to include more session-based play this time around. ‍This will no doubt be welcomed by many fans, allowing players ⁢to team up ​and battle fearsome monsters together. The redesigned⁣ lobbies offer a place for even more community interaction, allowing hunters to meet up and exchange valuable resources and gear.

Finally, ⁣with‌ a new,⁢ highly detailed​ world came with “Monster Hunter:‍ Wilds” and plenty of challenges to tackle, there’s sure to ⁢be something for everyone⁣ who takes up the role of a Monster Hunter. With the ‌game set to release in 2021,‍ the wait for this next installment‍ is sure to⁤ be⁤ worth it.


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