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Exploring Square Enix’s Upcoming ‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ and its Take on Iconic Villain Sephiroth

Exploring Square Enix’s Upcoming ‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ and its Take on Iconic Villain Sephiroth

Square Enix ​has recently announced the upcoming remake of⁢ their beloved ‘Final Fantasy VII’ video game.⁢ The game was released over 22 years ago in ‍1997 ⁢and went on to become a cult classic.⁤ One of the major draws of the ​game at that time was ⁣its⁢ iconic villain, Sephiroth. The character and his story ⁤arc created a ⁢lasting influence on the game’s culture. With this remake,​ Square Enix is attempting to recreate that same influence.

The story is set to begin‍ with the Shinra corporation kicking off its world-dominating conquest. Players ‌follow‌ protagonist ‌Cloud Strife⁤ and his allies as they fight to free the planet from⁤ Shinra’s clutches. ‍One of the primary antagonists ​of the story turns out to be Sephiroth, the nefarious former SOLDIER. It is‌ up to the player ‌to ⁢try to stop him​ and his army of puppet disciples.

The remake looks to be more than just a graphically upgraded version of the original adventure, with the plot and character interactions expanded upon⁣ since​ its last iteration. This is especially ‌true for the character of Sephiroth. This new version of Sephiroth looks to even more menacing, with visual changes making him look more like an inhuman creature. ⁤He is described by ​Square‍ Enix as a “shadowy ‍suggestion in the darkness” as opposed⁢ to the “otherworldly spirit” of ⁣the 1997 version.

The ​game is said to bring more of Sephiroth’s motivations into​ the spotlight this time around. His actions in the game were often ⁢mysterious and his motives were rarely explored. With this remake, Square Enix is‍ aiming to create a Sephiroth that is ‍both a menacing figure ‌and a complex character. The new version of Sephiroth should​ provide more ‌insight into ⁤the‍ relationship ⁢between him and Cloud and the struggles they had against ‌each other.

Any ⁣fan of ‘Final Fantasy‍ VII’ is sure to be​ excited ⁣to explore this remake and its‍ take⁢ on the iconic ​villain Sephiroth. The logical and⁢ dramatic changes and improvements that ⁢Square Enix has promised to make to the character⁢ should ensure that the⁢ remake is just as beloved as the original.⁢ Fans ‌won’t have to​ wait ​much longer to see what Square ‍Enix has done with Sephiroth,⁢ as⁣ ‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ is⁣ set to be released early ‌next year.


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