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Monster Hunter Player Pioneers Innovative End-Game Strategies

Playing ​catch-up on a game is ‌usually an ‍arduous process, but one ⁢dedicated Monster Hunter player is blazing a‍ new path⁤ in​ end-game ‌strategies. Gone are the days of just grinding out the endless chain of monsters as they grind…

D.Va Joins Gentle Monster For Exclusive ‘Overwatch 2’ Collaboration

Blizzard⁢ Entertainment recently ⁢announced that world-famous professional gamer D.Va will be joining forces with South Korean eyewear ⁤brand Gentle Monster for an‍ exclusive “Overwatch 2” collaboration. The‍ timed-exclusive collaboration was first revealed⁤ at this year’s BlizzCon and has been highly-anticipated…