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Microsoft Splurges $300 Million on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for Game Pass

Microsoft Splurges $300 Million on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for Game Pass

Microsoft, one‌ of the top technology ⁣giants ⁤in‍ the⁤ world, has splurged $300 million to acquire Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order​ for its Xbox Game Pass ⁤subscription.

This​ move is ‍part of Microsoft’s effort to stay ahead of the game in its game streaming ⁢service. The ⁤company has made similar big acquisitions in the past, with one of the most notable being the ‍purchase of Bethesda Softworks​ for $7.5 billion ⁢back in September ⁣2020.

Star Wars Jedi: ‌Fallen Order is a single-player​ action-adventure game developed by Respawn Entertainment, launched in November 2019. The game⁤ has been praised⁤ for⁢ its storyline, visuals, and engaging gameplay. It has been a big hit for console and PC gamers alike, and its inclusion in the ⁣Xbox Game Pass library⁣ would be a big addition for ⁤subscribers.

Microsoft’s ⁣subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, ‌is one⁤ of the most popular and successful game streaming services available today. Subscribers⁢ pay a monthly fee to access ⁣an⁤ ever-expanding library of games⁣ from‌ both Xbox and PC. The ⁣purchase of Star Wars Jedi: ⁣Fallen Order ⁣marks ​one of ⁣the‍ biggest acquisitions for the service so ​far.

The inclusion of ⁤the game will ‍be highly beneficial ‍for subscribers, giving them access⁣ to‍ one of the most popular titles of the​ past year.​ Not only that, but it is also part of Xbox’s strategy to acquire more ​and more exclusive content for its ‌library.

This big purchase reflects ⁤Microsoft’s commitment to⁤ pushing ‌the ‍boundaries‌ of ‌gaming and‍ delivering ⁣the most comprehensive game streaming service available to ​its subscribers.⁣ Microsoft has ​been‍ expanding its library of content ⁣with big purchases‍ for ‌a‌ while now, and it looks like this trend is⁤ going to continue.

It ⁣remains to be seen ‌just ⁢how much of an⁣ impact the ⁣inclusion of Star Wars ⁣Jedi: Fallen​ Order will have on the⁢ Xbox Game Pass⁢ library, but it is undeniable that it will be beneficial ⁢for subscribers. ⁤We can only‍ wait and see what other big acquisitions Microsoft makes in​ the near future.


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