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Comparing The Crew and The Crew 2: 15 Significant Differences

Comparing The Crew and The Crew 2: 15 Significant Differences

Whether you’re a ​fan‍ of racing games or not, you’ve probably heard of both the Crew and the Crew 2,⁤ two well-known titles⁢ from Ubisoft. ⁢Although ⁢these ⁣two games are ‌similar in that they offer ⁢a thrilling, ⁤open-world driving experience, there​ are in⁣ fact quite a few⁣ significant differences between them.

1. Setting and​ Map

The Crew offers a map of the United States that’s divided into five regions. The Crew 2’s map ‌encompasses the whole United States, plus a section of⁣ Canada and​ Mexico. This allows⁣ for even more‍ distance driving and exploration.

2. Vehicle Types

The Crew​ offers traditional races ⁣and⁣ driving experiences as well as the option to drive off-road vehicles. ⁣The Crew 2 offers​ those same experiences, plus⁤ the ability to drive ‌airplanes, boats,⁤ and motorbikes.

3. Visuals

The Crew ⁢2 offers ⁤significantly improved visuals when⁣ compared to the first ‌game. ​The ‌cars look much sharper and more realistic, and the ​world is vibrant and alive, with more dynamic and ⁣realistic lighting.

4. Cops and Robbers

The Crew contains⁣ a ​mini-game called Cops and Robbers that pits ​the⁣ player against police cars ‌while they attempt​ to evade the​ law. The Crew 2 includes ‍a completely revamped version of Cops and Robbers with ​more detailed graphics ⁢and‌ better gameplay.

5. Photo‍ Mode

The Crew 2 offers ‌a brand⁢ new ‌Photo Mode that ⁢allows ‌the players to ‍pause⁤ the action, activate⁣ zoom and ‌flight modes, ​and⁤ snap pictures ​of their favorite moments in the game.

6. Player ⁤Versus Player

The Crew included online Player Versus Player⁣ qualifiers and tournaments. The ⁢Crew 2​ expands that experience with its Live Xtreme Series⁤ – ⁣a worldwide championship that pits⁤ you‍ against the best players in​ the game.

7. Missions

The Crew 2 introduces Street Races as well⁣ as hundreds ‍of new missions across the map. Each mission⁢ has its own⁢ unique‌ objectives ⁢and‌ rewards,⁤ making them even more fun and exciting than in the first game.

8.⁣ Player Stats

The Crew 2 allows the players ⁣to track their progress in⁣ the game‍ through an ⁢in-game profile.⁤ The profile contains various ⁣stats such ⁢as driving performance, ⁤the number⁣ of missions completed, and the amount of ​money earned.​ This makes it easy to judge ​performance and compare​ yourself to other players.

9. Loot Crates

The Crew 2 ​also offers a loot box system that rewards ‍the ​player with various ​items and upgrades as they play. These loot boxes can contain anything from cars, to upgrades, to clothing ​and more.

10.⁤ Horizon Life

The​ Crew 2 introduces a new social component called Horizon Life. This feature allows players ‍to create or join live events, interact with each other, ‌and generally have a great time.

11. Live Events

The Crew 2 also offers Live‌ Events – short challenges that⁣ involve participating in ​races, ​chases, and other activities for rewards. These events are constantly rotating, meaning that each time you log⁢ in there’s something exciting waiting for you.

12. Crew Customization

The Crew 2⁢ offers even more customization options ⁣for players. ‌Player characters now have a much more diverse range of clothing, accessories, and hairstyles ⁤to choose from, ⁢as well ⁤as the ability to further customize their⁤ vehicles ‌with a⁤ wide range of options.

13. Rewards⁢ and Levels

Another ⁤big difference ​is that ​The Crew 2 has an in-game reward system that gives players experience points and unlocks ‍new ⁤rewards as they ⁢progress. The higher the ⁤level, the better the rewards.

14. Engine and⁣ Performance

The Crew 2 comes with⁣ an upgraded engine,⁢ which‌ leads ​to ​faster load times and much​ improved overall performance. Players should also notice a smoother driving experience when playing this ⁣title.

15. Social ⁣Network Integration

The Crew 2 also allows players ‌to share their experiences and progress on their favorite social‌ networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

So, there you have it: 15 significant ⁣differences between⁢ the ⁢two games that you ⁤won’t want to ⁢miss out on. Whether ‌you’re a fan of the first title or⁢ just looking for a ‍new driving adventure, The Crew 2 is definitely worth checking out.


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