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Davide Soliani Wishes to Join the Rayman Team: An Interview with My Nintendo News

Davide Soliani Wishes to Join the Rayman Team: An Interview with My Nintendo News

Davide Soliani is known around the world for his⁣ highly acclaimed ⁢work on Mario + Rabbids ⁢Kingdom Battle. Now, the acclaimed developer‌ wishes to work with Rayman, ⁤the beloved platforming character from Ubisoft. We caught ⁣up with Davide to find out why he wishes to join the Rayman team.

Q. Why do you ⁢wish to join the Rayman Team?

A. Rayman has always been a character ⁢that I’ve ⁣admired and respected. From the classic 2D platformers to ‌the more modern 3D titles, ​the Rayman series has always been a fantastic brand of platforming ⁣action. Working on a Rayman game would give me an opportunity to test my skills​ and create something truly special.

Q. What ‌kind of game would you like to develop?

A.‌ I would love to create​ a Rayman game that combines⁤ classic platforming elements with modern⁤ features. I think⁤ that modern technology can enhance​ the Rayman series in‌ ways that‍ have never been seen before. I ‍would also like to ‌explore some of the classic themes and‌ stylings that have been ​featured in the series for years.

Q. What can you bring to‍ the Rayman Team?

A. I can⁢ bring experience in‍ both development​ and ​design.⁢ With my work on Mario ‍+ Rabbids Kingdom Battle, I understand the ⁣importance of ⁤creating a great gameplay experience. I also understand the importance of creating‍ an engaging visual aesthetic. I think my ability to ​balance these two ​elements would be an asset to ‍the Rayman team.

Q. Do you have any other ideas you would like to‌ share?

A. Sure,⁤ I think it’s important to keep the Rayman series relevant to fans. The world of gaming is constantly changing and I think it’s important that⁣ the Rayman‌ team keeps an open mind when it comes to new ideas and ‍trends. I believe that by doing so, ‌Rayman can continue to be an iconic series for⁣ many years to ​come.


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