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Cyberpunk 2077 Gets a Subway System with 2.1 Update

Cyberpunk 2077 Gets a Subway System with 2.1 Update

⁤Cyberpunk 2077 recently released its ‍most ⁣comprehensive gameplay upgrade, the update 2.1, to the delight of its fans. The update ⁢includes new ​features,⁢ bug fixes, and ⁤the most sought-after subway system to navigate the city of Night City.

For starters, the patch allows players to target enemy weak⁢ spots with the Behind Enemy Lines perk. With the ultra-precise accuracy of the Lethality perk, players can now ​execute stunning shots from afar. ‌

The update also features a stable and improved game‌ framerate⁢ thanks⁢ to the ongoing optimization efforts. The Cyber Engine will‌ now​ reduce stuttering ⁢and improve loading times‌ for all platforms.

For ‌extra convenience, the quality of ‌life updates introduce a range‌ of long-awaited features. We have each item ​in our inventory being seamlessly equipped on a single keypress. Improvements to ⁢the weapon modding systems allow you to add a plethora of modifications from the ⁢comfort of your hideout.⁢

The⁣ highlight of the update is undoubtedly ​the Night City Subway System. ‌Players can now roll across ⁤the ⁤vast and detailed city on speedy rails. The subway journey times are also adjusted based on how far ⁢you ‌want to travel, allowing you to quickly reach your destination!

The 2.1 update⁣ also includes a wide range⁤ of​ bug fixes, balance tweaks, and many other gems to uncover. With the introduction of the Night City Subway System, Cyberpunk 2077 offers endless possibilities for exploration and discovery.


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