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Unlock Tarnished Camo in Raid Episode 4 with these Tips!

Unlock Tarnished Camo in Raid Episode 4 with these Tips!

If you’re looking to unlock the brand-new Tarnished Camo in Raid Episode 4, you’ll need to know a few tips and tricks to get the job done! Here are some essential tips to give you that extra edge:

Complete the Challenge

The first step in unlocking the Tarnished Camo is to complete the challenge. This is easiest done by playing in a group with coordinated teammates. Working together, you can quickly and effectively complete the challenge. Don’t forget to give each other pats on the back when you see someone complete an individual task!

Complete All Missions

In order to unlock the Tarnished Camo, you have to complete all missions in Raid Episode 4. Make sure to look out for bonus objectives, as these will give you an extra edge. By completing all the missions and objectives, you’ll be one step closer to unlocking the Tarnished Camo.

Customize Weapons

To unlock the Tarnished Camo, you’ll also need to customize your weapons. There are a variety of weapon customization options available. Take the time to experiment with different combos until you find one that works best for your playstyle. This will give you an edge in the battle and help you unlock the Tarnished Camo!

Be Patient

Unlocking Tarnished Camo won’t happen overnight! Make sure to take some time to practice and experiment with your weapons and tactics. This will give you the best chance of unlocking that sweet new camo!

Stay Positive

Finally, it’s important to stay positive and stay motivated! Raid Episode 4 is a hefty challenge, but with the right attitude and the right tips, you can conquer it and unlock the coveted Tarnished Camo!


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