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Kotaku’s Roundup of Best Gaming News: Christmas Miracles, Terrific Memes, and More!

Kotaku’s Roundup of Best Gaming News: Christmas Miracles, Terrific Memes, and More!

Be sure to check out this week’s roundup of the best gaming news! There’s something for everyone to enjoy this week, from Christmas Miracles ⁣to Terrific Memes. No matter what genre ‍of gaming you prefer, you’re‍ sure to find‍ something ‍exciting in this ⁤roundup.

Christmas Miracles

The start of December and Christmas season always brings plenty of holiday cheer to the gaming industry. This⁢ week, we have seen ‌plenty of Christmas-themed updates, new DLC packs,​ and more. Here are⁢ just a ⁢few of the festive goodies we’ve seen this week:

  • Square Enix released the Holiday Edition of their hit‍ game “Final Fantasy XV”. Players can now experience a festive atmosphere in the​ game, as the city of Lucis is decked out in a Christmas-y theme.
  • Blizzard released ⁤a “Winter Wonderland” update to their popular shooter “Overwatch”. The update brings a special holiday-themed arena, new skins and sprays, holiday-themed emotes, and more!
  • Nintendo announced​ the upcoming release of their holiday-themed “Kirby’s Extra Yarn”⁢ for‍ their popular home console, the Nintendo Switch. The game features festive levels and power-ups, as well as new yarn challenges.

Terrific Memes and Fan Art

The amazing fan​ art and hilarious memes inspired by classic and upcoming games alike never cease to amuse us. This week, some of our favorite fan creations include:

  • A meme depicting a ‍classic​ scene from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. 3, with one of ​the “Goombas” saying “If only my career choices were as ⁤easy as finding a power-up”.
  • An animated GIF featuring a scene ‍from the classic RPG “Final Fantasy 7” in which Cloud Strife and Tifa ‍Lockhart reunite,⁤ perfectly-timed to Adele’s hit single “Hello”.
  • A series of‌ artworks dedicated to the upcoming game “Kingdom Hearts 3”, each⁢ showing a different character from‍ the long-running ⁣game series in a unique style.

New Games ⁢and Events

Finally, it’s always exciting to see new games announced or ​special events taking place. Here are some of our highlights from this week:

  • The makers of the popular fighting game “Mortal Kombat” announced the upcoming release of a brand new installment in the series. Titled‌ “Mortal Kombat 11”, the new game will feature new characters, stages, and more.
  • The ⁤annual DreamHack gaming convention took place this weekend ‌in Houston, Texas. The weekend-long ​event featured tournaments, developer panels, merchandise sales, and more.
  • The⁤ wildly popular ‌(“Fortnite”) announced the start of their Winterfest event. Players now have access ‍to special Gift Boxes containing festive skins, pickaxes, wraps, and more!

That’s all for this week’s roundup of gaming news. Be sure to⁢ check back next week for more exciting updates!


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