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8 Spooky Games to Get You in the Halloween Spirit This Weekend

8 Spooky Games to Get You in the Halloween Spirit This Weekend

Whether you’re planning on shaking up your​ spooky shenanigans⁣ or taking a break from the holiday hustle this⁢ weekend,⁢ there are plenty of Halloween themed⁣ games to get ⁤you ⁢in ⁣the festive spirit. Here are⁣ 8 ‌spooky games to choose from to get your ⁢scare fix:⁣ ‌

1. Friday The 13th: The Game

What better ‌way to start off ⁣the weekend than with an ode to slasher flick Friday The 13th? This asymmetrical, multiplayer horror game lets one player take the role of iconic horror movie villain Jason Voorhees while the rest of the ⁤players join as camp⁢ counselors ⁤trying to ‍escape alive.

2. Little Nightmares

This dark and moody horror-adventure ⁤game is set in a‍ creepy world where ⁤you play as the protagonist Six, who is on a mission to all of the ‍Nightmares’ secrets. And as you ​progress through the game,⁣ you’ll have to solve mind-bending puzzles, sneak past deadly⁢ creatures, and uncover the game’s many dark secrets.

3. Blair Witch

Experience the horror of‍ the ‌Blair Witch with this tense survival horror game. Set in the woods of Maryland, ‍you play ​as Ellis,⁣ a former police officer searching for a missing boy. Throughout the game, you will uncover ‌horrifying secrets as you ⁣try to survive the witch’s powers of manipulating the environment.

4. Dead By Daylight

Bring out your inner serial killer with this multiplayer survival horror‌ game. You ‌can ⁢play as either ⁢a killer, trying to hunt down survivors; or as ⁢a survivor, as you seek to hide, ‍cooperate and outsmart the killer. With plenty of levels and themes to choose from, you’ll have plenty of ⁤choices for your spooky weekend⁤ fun.

5. ​Phasmophobia

Explore your phobias with this ​unique ​horror game by jumping in ‌a group of four Parapsychologists as you uncover all the ⁣spirits lurking in a haunted building. As you search ​for‌ clues, ⁢you’ll have to be mindful of the spirit’s presence and emotion while attempting to capture⁣ the evidence and cracking ⁤the true identity⁣ of the ghost.

6. Until Dawn

Take your Halloween horror movie viewing to a different level with ⁤Until Dawn.‍ As you⁤ play as eight friends, ⁢you’ll have to​ make tough ‌choices and navigate tricky situations‌ as you try‍ to survive until dawn. With ⁢plenty of twist and turns to keep you on your toes, it’s the perfect ​game to⁤ put your wits to the test.

7. Outlast

Step into a mental‌ hospital to experience every horror fan’s dreams with this first-person hardcore ​horror game. As ‌you play as‌ Miles Upshur, an ​investigative journalist on a mission to uncover horrifying secrets, your objective is⁢ to simply survive while ⁢navigating the dark ⁢and disturbing environment.

8. Five⁢ Night’s at Freddy’s

Bring your childhood ⁢nightmares to life with this unique horror game. Track down the missing ⁣animatronics within a creepy pizzeria using nothing more than your​ security cameras. With its frantic times and thrilling jump scares, you’ll never ‍have a dull moment throughout the night… and⁢ maybe even ⁤during the‌ day.

No matter what spooky game you choose, you’re sure to have a frighteningly fun weekend! ‌So choose a game‌ and get ready for some pumpkin-flavored thrills and chills!


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