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The Weakest Street Fighter 6 Hits Harder than Ever – Desk’s Crazy Burnout Combos for the Whole Cast

The Weakest Street Fighter 6 Hits Harder than Ever – Desk’s Crazy Burnout Combos for the Whole Cast

Street Fighter 6 has been out for a few weeks now and everyone is already raving about the stunning visuals, the exhilarating action and of course, Desk’s Crazy Burnout Combos. Everyone looking to up their game has been trying to get a hang of this special move, but nobody has seemed to make it work more impressively than the weakest of the cast.

Previously considered to be one of the weaker characters, seasoned experts have noticed the addition of some of Desk’s Crazy Burnout Combos has made this character one of the most dangerous in the cast. With devastatingly powerful rushdown pressure, combos that can quickly and easily deplete all of an opponent’s life bar, and a few standout special moves, Desk’s Burnout Combos have given all of Street Fighter 6’s cast a run for their money.

For starters, Desk’s quickly famously known “Burnout” combo allows the character to hit hard from any point in the fight, racking up major hitstun even when the opponent is expecting it. The sheer speed that the combo is done at makes it almost guaranteed to hit, allowing it to be used even at mid-range where other characters would typically struggle.

But it gets even better. Desk’s “Burnout Lariat” is a multi-hitting combo that can quickly deplete an opponent’s health bar if it connects. It’s also possible to stagger the combo so that it hits multiple times before ending, which can leave your opponent wide open for a follow-up hit. Desk’s “Burnout Sonic Boom” also has some impressive properties. It’s a projectile move with short range but it can be used to quickly close the gap between you and your opponent.

Lastly, Desk’s “Burnout Uppercut” is a powerful anti-air attack that can really ruin your opponent’s day if they’re not careful. It has a wide range and can juggle your opponent for several hits if you land it cleanly. As you can see, Desk’s Burnout Combos have made a previously weak character into one of the strongest and most dangerous in the cast.

For all of these reasons, desk’s Burnout Combos have made this character one of the most feared in the entire fighting game community, but also one of the most talked about. No matter what level of play you’re into, Street Fighter 6’s weakest character is ready for a fight, boasting of some of the strongest, most devastating combos yet seen in a Street Fighter game.


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