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Netflix Launches Controller App for Game Developers Ahead of TV Support

Netflix Launches Controller App for Game Developers Ahead of TV Support

Netflix has announced the launch of the Netflix Controller App, designed to help game developers⁢ integrate ​streaming and content playback capabilities into their products with ease. The app will be available on Windows, ⁤Mac, ⁣Xbox One, and compatible Android devices. ⁤

The Netflix Controller App will allow game developers to embed Netflix viewing experiences into their titles, allowing users to⁣ enjoy their favorite Netflix originals and more directly from within their games.

The ‍app joins the company’s⁢ recently launched Netflix Connect feature, which is already integrated into⁢ a handful of titles, including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds⁢ and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Netflix hopes that by launching the Controller App, more developers will be ⁢able to join the ranks in creating truly unique gaming ‌experiences.

In addition to providing‌ an easy way for game developers to implement Netflix, the company has also hinted at plans to add support for TV playback in the future. We’ll likely hear more about this feature in ‍the coming weeks.

Netflix also teased the possibility of other integrations coming down the line, such as virtual reality ⁢experiences. The company is already working on several augmented reality and virtual reality projects, so it’s likely we’ll ‌hear more about⁣ them in due time.

For now, game developers looking to get started with the Netflix Controller App can visit the App Store to download the application. With its ‍help, creating rich⁣ gaming experiences should prove to be an easier task.⁢


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