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Apex Legends Players Voice Frustration with “Unplayable” Server Lag

Apex Legends Players Voice Frustration with “Unplayable” Server Lag

Apex Legends players have ​been vocal in‌ their frustration⁤ about ⁣unplayable server lag during matches. In particular, new players have ‍complained that even⁤ with maximum ⁢connection settings, it’s​ difficult to enter a match ⁢without experiencing a delay. As such, while the core Apex Legends experience has ‌been lauded ‍for being highly competitive and‍ addicting, issues related to⁣ server lag ⁤have frustrated players and dampened ‍the experience.

On Reddit, players have been commenting⁣ on their frustrations, with‍ one user, zebracasey,‌ saying “the connectivity issues with Apex Legends are getting worse‌ and worse. Connection issues that are supposed to be ‌minimal have become so drastic that they are completely unplayable. It often takes 30 seconds just to find a⁣ game, and even then, the​ lag makes it ⁤difficult⁣ to have any fun”.

However, it’s not just the connection that’s being hampered either. Players have also ⁢raised issues with the matchmaking system, with‍ some claiming ⁢that the process takes too long ‌and they are‍ forced ‍to join a match in progress, which can make it easy to accrue significant amounts of​ lag, ‌particularly for the uninitiated.

EA,‌ the company that owns Apex Legends, recently released a patch that was designed to address lag issues, but many players are reporting that little has changed. As such, it’s unclear whether a ⁣further patch ⁣or a complete ⁢overhaul ‌of the infrastructure is needed in order to make Apex Legends playable again for everyone.

In the meantime, players are being encouraged to experiment with connection settings and matchmaking parameters to get the most out of Apex Legends. EA has also provided‌ guidance on how to reduce lag through​ their official support portal but it appears⁣ that gamers will need to hold off on completely enjoying the game until the ‌server lag ⁤issues have been resolved.


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