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Japanese Super Smash Bros Demo Now Available Across Platforms

Nintendo Japan‍ recently announced ⁢that its ‍latest iteration of the beloved⁣ fighter game, Super Smash​ Bros, is now available to demo across multiple platforms. The demo is available to download‍ from the Nintendo eShop ‍on any compatible ⁢Nintendo device and…

Smash Pro in a Stink After Opponent’s ‘Smelling’ Diss

⁤ Professional Smash Bros. player ‌Jamie Livingston is feeling⁣ a‍ little burned⁣ after ⁤his opponent, ‌fellow‍ Smash ⁣pros Lyall Bostick,‍ issued an ‌unflattering⁢ remark following⁣ the two’s match ‌at ‍the⁤ recent TourneyMania competition. ⁢ During⁢ a‌ post-match ⁣interview ⁣with Twitch…