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2023 Gaming Industry: A Look Back in Numbers

2023 Gaming Industry: A Look Back in Numbers

In the past ten years, the video ⁤gaming industry has​ grown from strength to strength. ⁣Revenue from video game sales and services have ⁣skyrocketed with projections ​that the industry will hit $300 billion by⁢ 2023. ​But just how strong will the gaming industry be when we reach‍ the magic number? To find⁢ out, let’s take a look ​back⁢ at some numbers from ​the industry and where it stands today.

Console Sales

One of the most important metrics in the gaming industry ‍is ⁣how well each major console performs. Since Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo dominate the market, these three make​ up the vast majority of market share. In 2020, the PlayStation 5 dominated ‍with a 16%⁤ share, followed by the Xbox Series X/S (6.3%), and the Nintendo Switch (4.6%). Although Microsoft and⁢ Sony have increased their lead over Nintendo in 2020, the‌ Nintendo Switch is still performing well and its future looks bright. This⁣ is ​likely due to a large increase in Switch sales in 2020, partly due to a combination⁤ of its innovative design and competitive ‌pricing.

Mobile Games Market

The⁣ mobile games market has also seen ⁣exponential growth ​over the past few years. The ⁤market is projected to reach $215 billion by 2023,​ representing a growth of 39% since 2020.‍ This explosive growth‍ is mainly attributed to ‍the huge variety of titles⁣ available, as well as ‌the accessibility of⁢ smartphones. The top five mobile games by revenue⁤ in⁢ 2020 were PUBG Mobile, Honor of Kings, Coin Master, Pokemon GO and Roblox.


Esports​ has also been a major​ factor in the gaming industry, as more and more gamers flock to competitive gaming. By 2023, the esports industry is expected to generate $1.6 billion in revenue. One of the main draws of esports is its ability to draw large amounts of viewers, with the League of Legends competitive scene drawing over 8 million viewers⁢ in 2020 alone.


It’s not just gamers and fans who⁢ are capitalizing on the⁤ gaming industry. Investors have also been pouring money into the ⁤market, ⁤with venture capital firms investing over $10 billion ⁢into the ⁣industry since 2011. Investment has been‍ focused on ⁢both mobile ‌and PC gaming, with investors looking to capitalize on the​ ever-growing popularity of the industry.


The gaming industry looks set to experience huge growth in the coming years, with projections that‌ the industry will hit the $300 billion mark by 2023. Console sales, mobile games, and ‍esports are all expected to experience‍ exponential⁣ growth, as more and more gamers flock ‌to these platforms. ​Investors have also been pouring money​ into the industry, expecting to reap the rewards of the ever-growing⁢ industry. As ⁤we look ‌towards 2023, it’s clear the gaming industry looks set ​to revolutionize the entertainment landscape.


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